I am grateful to be alive...  I was born in Houston, TX in July of 1983. I grew up in Houston and started to play guitar, harmonica, and piano in high school. While in college I started my own record label, Saints & Heroes. Since its… [more]

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I am hibernating and playing small gigs here and there. If you are looking to schedule me for a gig... Send me an email!… [more]

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You’re not Irish!

Thats right! I’m not Irish. But I love the Irish Blessing. I love it so much that years ago while living in Austin I wrote some music to the poetic lyrics. For years I have ended every live performance by giving the audience a blessing. It is such an honor and joy for me to travel and play music. So many people have blessed me by coming to my... [Read more...]

Amazing Grace

I rewrote Amazing Grace. I love the hymn but I am just not cool with singing the line, “a wretch like me.” I don’t believe I am a wretch. I don’t believe God makes wretches. I am not perfect but I was made in His image. God doesn’t make junk. It still is amazing that he died for me even though I have so many imperfections.... [Read more...]

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