Advice for the Dreamers: 3 Things you did not know were destroying your dreams

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I am really enjoying reading The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho. The book chronicles Paulo’s pilgrimage along El Camino in France and Spain. While on the trip he has a guide that is not just guiding his steps but his heart.

At one point, Paulo and the guide are talking about dreams and how dreams come to life and seem to quickly die. Paulo note 3 things that particularly challenge our dreams. Here is my interpretation through my own process of working out my dreams.

Lack of Time: Dreams take hard work and plenty of hours. If you have a dream AND a full time job, you have 2 full-time jobs. Your dream will not happen by chance but because you fought to bring it to life. I believe your dream will only come to life once you have exhausted your days and nights working to bring your dream about.

Paulo says that we should stay busy while are dreams are coming to life for the lazy person will never achieve much. Stay busy dreamers!

Forgetting that Fighting for the Dream is Living the Dream: Oh! How I forget this! All the while fighting for my dream to make music I have been making music! Playing my own songs and selling my own CDs for hundreds if not thousands of people! My dreams are not in the future but are my reality. I need to live in the joy of the present dream. I need to delight in the joy of the living dream.

Paulo says of those that live in the present delight of their dreams: “For them, neither victory nor defeat is important; what’s important is only that they are fighting the good fight.”

Living in Peace: Who would have thought that peace is a danger! Paulo writes, “When life becomes a Sunday afternoon; we ask for nothing grand, and we cease to demand anything more than we are willing to give.” He goes on to write, “When this happens, deep in our hearts, we have renounced the battle for our dreams.”

I know the danger of peace. After a successful tour or a great show there is a danger to rest on the laurels of a victory. Trying to achieve a dream is a difficult adventure. If you find yourself at peace, you probably have taken a break from fighting for your dream. The real danger during peace time is you may never go back to fighting the fight for your dream.

(Note: Breaks and vacations are good for the soul and for your dream. You can’t go at it 24/7. Just make sure you pace yourself for a long battle fighting for your dreams.)

While reading these 3 pieces of advice by Paulo Coelho my heart and soul were saying, “Right on!” and “So true!” I have found all these pieces of advice worthy and valuable while living my dream of making music.

Written by David

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  1. Arleen says:

    Great points! This reminds me a lot of what I read in a book I read recently called Quitter by Jon Acuff. So. Good! You may enjoy it. Read some excerpts on my blog here:

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