bioscreen Bio
I am grateful to be alive…  I was born in Houston, TX in July of 1983. I grew up in Houston and started to play guitar, harmonica, and piano in high school.

While in college I started my own record label, Saints & Heroes. Since its humble beginnings in my dorm room I have released seven albums… at least one a year since my freshman year of college. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Music Business and Master’s in Theology. I am blessed to have found a vocation/career that uses both of these degrees.

I started the Society of Adventurers as a way of increasing the adventure/danger in my own life. I find adventure fills me with inspiration and helps me to grow.

I have played concerts at big venues like House of Blues and many small intimate house gatherings. Through all these experiences music has been there as a comfort and a medicine. I believe music can heal the heart and give hope. I love being on the road and am grateful for every opportunity to travel and play music.