You’re not Irish!

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Thats right! I’m not Irish. But I love the Irish Blessing. I love it so much that years ago while living in Austin I wrote some music to the poetic lyrics.

For years I have ended every live performance by giving the audience a blessing. It is such an honor and joy for me to travel and play music. So many people have blessed me by coming to my concerts.

What can I give in return to show my gratitude? I give my blessing and I offer this prayer:

Amazing Grace

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I rewrote Amazing Grace. I love the hymn but I am just not cool with singing the line, “a wretch like me.”

I don’t believe I am a wretch. I don’t believe God makes wretches.

I am not perfect but I was made in His image. God doesn’t make junk.

It still is amazing that he died for me even though I have so many imperfections. So with that I will sing “amazing grace,” and just edit it a little bit.

Here is my version of Amazing Grace with new verses of my own. This song has Mason Shirley of Sound Machine Studio on electric guitar and Dave Moore playing some kind of organ.

Sounds Familiar

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Chris Tomlin’s new album sounds VERY familiar to me:

Does it sound similar to Mumford and Sons’ I Will Wait:

What about the title and theme of Chris Tomlin’s new song Awake My Soul:

Does it sound familiar to Mumford and Sons’ Awake My Soul:

After reviewing this evidence it is obvious to me that the source material is one in the same.

What is the source? Who wrote what first?

Just something to think about…

Being Human is Beautiful

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Screen shot 2013 02 27 at 10.46.38 AM 298x300 Being Human is Beautiful

Yesterday I was having dinner with my Nonny and I was just so grateful to be alive. When I started to think about the human experience, I felt that there are so many great things about being human. Here is a short list I came up:
1. Music
2. Literature
3. Friends
4. Jokes
5. Pets
6. Fresh Air
7. Food
8. Family
9. Swimming
10. Coffee
11. Art
12. Sleeping
13. Christmas Lights
14. Sunshine on your face but also sunglasses
15. Snowboarding
16. Adventuring
17. Surprises
18. Conversation
19. Comfortable Shoes but also bare feet
20. Sports
21. Love (giving & receiving)

There are so many more things! I just can’t think of them right now! Being human is such a great thing to experience! Might I suggest you make your own list of the greatest things about being. I imagine most of us would not put iPads, TVs, or other forms of technology. Though its cool, the best things in life are FREE!

Breakups Hurt But Sound Beautiful

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I have just come across Tristan Prettyman’s new album Cedar + Gold. This is her first project since her engagement to Jason Mraz was broken off by him. Though my heart is intact and all is well, these songs are filling me with such inspiration and beauty.

This once again proves my theory that it is so much easier to write and create during a time of pain and heartache rather than a time of joy and contentment. Breakups, depression, and death are dark roads our souls must travel, yet we can find such beauty in the pain. It must not be forgotten that there is usually a lesson to be learned and a time of growth in the midst of our suffering.

If you have ever had your broken these songs will speak volumes to you. If your heart has never been broken… than you are a robot. If your heart is currently broken it is my hope that these songs help your heart heal.

Say Anything

I Was Gonna Marry You

Never Say Never

All Must Be Well

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My first reaction to the news that Pope Benedict will, “renounce the ministry of Bishop of Rome, successor of Saint Peter,” was disbelief. I felt that our father was leaving our family. Thankfully, my faith in the Church is not wrapped up in my initial reactions or my emotions. My faith is in Jesus Christ and his words in Sacred Scripture.

Here are a few scriptures I am meditating upon at this time that are bringing me consolation and peace:

“You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”
The Church will continue on as a refuge for sinners, a sanctuary for the those that despair, a dispenser of grace through the Sacraments, and a light of hope in this world. The Church will remain. Why do I believe this to be true? Jesus said it.

“I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you.”
The new Pope will continue to lead the Church as he is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Christ will always remain with us as the Head of the Church. Why do I believe this to be true? Jesus said it.

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. You have faith in God; have faith also in me.”
The future of the Church is in God’s hands. It always has been and it always will be. My anxiety and fear of the future are not of God. I must continue to place my trust in God, for He is in control. Why do I believe this to be true? Jesus said it.

After meditating upon these Scriptures I realized that Pope Benedict is not leaving our family, the Church. He will always be a part of our Church family. He will always be praying for us.

I believe the Enemy wants us to scared and anxious about the future direction of the church. I believe the enemy wants us to be concerned about the upcoming drama that will play out in the media. I believe Christ thirsts for our souls and wants us to deeply enter into the season of Lent.

As it says in the Mumford & Sons song Below My Feet, “I was told by Jesus that all was well. So, all must be well.”

A Night of Hope

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The Hymns of Hope concert was a beautiful night of music and art. My good friend Jacob Zumo drove to Houston from Baton Rouge for this event. Here are some photos from the night.

hymns1 150x150 A Night of Hope hymns2 150x150 A Night of Hope hymns3 150x150 A Night of Hope hymns4 150x150 A Night of Hope hymns6 150x150 A Night of Hope hymns7 150x150 A Night of Hope

This was a very special night for me. I have been holding on to these songs of hope for sometime. I have been waiting to share them. It was worth the wait for this night to come together. The art of music and the art of painting in one night… life is beautiful.

Hallelujah Is Our Song

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“Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”
– John Paul II

I found this quote in the book Crossing the Threshold of Hope by the late great John Paul II. It makes me think just how much I focus on the negative aspects of life and forget to count my blessings. In a cloud full of beauty and color, I focus on one little rain cloud.

I believe we live in a culture of hopelessness and despair. I so easily forget how blessed I am. I so quickly forget to count my blessings. I get so wrapped up in what I lack that I forget what I have.

The truth is my blessings and the love I receive daily from friends and family easily outweigh my woes and struggles.

May God help me to look more at the beauty of life.

Here is a version of Life Is Beautiful with me singing Alleluia:

Here is the new version of Life Is Beautiful:

Free Cd Release Concert

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hymns of hopeweb Free Cd Release Concert I am very excited to announce I have finally settled on a date for my next CD release concert: Saturday August 18th in Houston, TX! You can get more details and see who else is coming from the facebook event here. Please invite your friends and family to this FREE event.

I am thrilled to share the new songs at this concert. This one night event will have some special guests including a good friend of mine  and painter Jacob Zumo. Jacob paints to live music and will be painting during the concert. You can check out some of his art here.

Hymns of Hope: Album Review

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I finally received my first album review for Hymns of Hope. It came in the form of a text from an unlikely listener… my parents.

My dad texted me, “We listened to your new CD on Wednesday and again yesterday. I think it is your best.” My dad went on to say, “Your mom commented that it was like you wrote it just for us and our current situation. We know it was done earlier but it was as if you knew in advance what we would need to hear.”

It always feels good to get affirmation from your parents, especially for those of us that are in the arts or any other non traditional career path. Of course I’ll probably never get a 5 Star review from Rolling Stone magazine or praises from music industry people at Billboard. I am just happy my parents listened and the songs spoke to them.

Click here to listen to samples of my new album on iTunes.

If you would like a hard copy of my new album, send me an email with your address and I will mail you an album. It is only $10 and you can mail me the $10 after you receive the album in the mail. I know that sounds like an out of date transaction, but I’m a small time musician!

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