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Tomorrow I am heading out of town to record another album in Corpus Christi, TX. Last time I was there I recorded Fighting Fear in three days and it was a really joyful experience. I have some new songs based on a theme of Hope that I can’t wait to share.

Though I really want to record I do not want make the effort to go and do it. It is not the best time to go down to Corpus Christi to record. First off, its about a 4 hour drive each way from Houston to Corpus Christi. Second, this has been a really busy week and there is much to do this weekend. The past few months I have gone back and forth debating whether to make the trip or not.

I finally was pushed into booking the recording studio time by a quote from Paulo Coelho, author of the modern masterpiece The Alchemist. Right now, I am reading another one of his books that I find to be truly beautiful called The Fifth Mountain. In this novel the story follows the Old Testament prophet Elijah and his struggles with doing the will of God. In the story Elijah reflects, “Life is made not of desires but of the acts of each person.

It is not enough for me to desire to play music and write songs, I must also sacrifice, lose sleep, and miss out on family dinners. I must be willing to sleep away from the comfort of my own bed and spend 8 hours alone in a car. Desire is the spark I need to pursue my dreams of creating music, but desire must move into action.

No one remembers a person that desired to do great things. You never will hear someone say, “Oh Tom, such a great guy. He really wanted to help the poor. He never did. But he always desired to help.” Either your desire moves you into action or your desires fades away.

Listen to your heart. Follow your desires. Move into action.

I am going to Corpus Christi. May God bless this desire and this action.

Written by David

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