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I finally received my first album review for Hymns of Hope. It came in the form of a text from an unlikely listener… my parents.

My dad texted me, “We listened to your new CD on Wednesday and again yesterday. I think it is your best.” My dad went on to say, “Your mom commented that it was like you wrote it just for us and our current situation. We know it was done earlier but it was as if you knew in advance what we would need to hear.”

It always feels good to get affirmation from your parents, especially for those of us that are in the arts or any other non traditional career path. Of course I’ll probably never get a 5 Star review from Rolling Stone magazine or praises from music industry people atĀ Billboard. I am just happy my parents listened and the songs spoke to them.

Click here to listen to samples of my new album on iTunes.

If you would like a hard copy of my new album, send me an email with your address and I will mail you an album. It is only $10 and you can mail me the $10 after you receive the album in the mail. I know that sounds like an out of date transaction, but I’m a small time musician!

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2 Responses to “Hymns of Hope: Album Review”
  1. Fr. Joey Pilola says:


    Just got through listening to Hymns of Hope! The whole album lived up to its title. Even your re-releases of “One Beautiful Journey,” “Irish Blessing” and “I Love My Life,” sound like they have been touched with a new ‘lightness’ of the Presence of the Holy Spirit – an underlying ‘smile’ of joy! Thanks for leaving me a hard copy. I wish I was more present than just my spirit and prayers, but I am truly grateful for your sharing your gifts of faith, hope & love through your Music Ministry. May Our Lord who has inspired this Good Work in you, carry it on with His Gracious Assitance, and in the Heart of Every Listener bring it to completion!

    God bless you, David!

    Fr. Joey

  2. Dick Perry says:


    Our daughter Rachel sent us news of your new album and I’m so glad she did!
    Congratulations to you and David Moore on a job well done.

    -Dick and Michele Perry

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