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This week I have found myself in an unpleasant situation. Work is busy, my stress level is high, and the result is daily migraines. I’ve had migraines since I was in second grade. I’ve gotten so many migraines from stress over the years. With all humility, nowadays I think I can handle them pretty well. Not all of them, but most.

This post is not about migraines but about dealing with stress. Stress steals my peace, my joy, my patience and replaces all these well-balanced virtues with vices. I am tired of stress winning these mental battle.

After trying everything else to deal with my stress, including checking out, working out, and shopping… I turn to prayer.

This week I started praying: “God, help me with my work.” To which He replied with silence. The week kept going, more work was added to my load, and more stress came with it. I again went to prayer and asked, “God, help me!”

More silence.

Finally by the end of the week my stress level is in all out freak out mode. The image that comes to my mind is this: I am struggling to roll a boulder up a hill! I keep asking God to help me with this difficult task but I don’t hear His voice or feel any consolation.

boulder Let It Go

So I continue on with my struggle… Until there is a break through of Grace and Peace.

I finally heard the Voice say, “Let it go.”  I replied, “I don’t want to let it go. I want your help to move this boulder up this hill!”

The Voice spoke again, “David, I want you to let it go and trust Me. I want you to let all of this stress go.”

Its hard to argue with the Voice. He speaks Truth.

I let it go.

Written by David

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One Response to “Let It Go”
  1. Sarah VB says:

    Based on my personal experiences, I’ve come to believe that it’s the times God may not look like He’s responding to prayers, or only responding to simply say, “Let it go” and nothing else, when He is working the most. We just can’t see it.

    Awkward sentence phrasing, but hopefully what I’m trying to say comes through.

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