New Music – Life is Beautiful

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Below is the first song from my new album Hymns of Hope. This song is a reworking of another song called Life is Beautiful.

The song and theme are simple. Life is tough but there is hope and beauty all around. Sometimes it is very difficult to the see the beauty in our lives. Sometimes we are blind to the beauty because we are consumed with pain and suffering. Sometimes we hold onto our pain and think we are supposed to just live with it our whole lives.

As the lyrics in the song suggest, sometimes we need to, “Let it go,” and “Let it die,” so we can, “Start over with a brand new life.”

I try to have a theme for all of my albums. Since this is the first song on the album, it initiates the Phoenix/Hope theme. The phoenix is a mythical creature that dies to its simple former life and comes back to life as a new creation. The phoenix knows that through death comes new life.

I believe the lesson of the phoenix applies to us as well. Enjoy the music and please share it!

Written by David

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