Hymns of Hope

HymnsofHopeitunes Hymns of HopeRecorded in Corpus Christi, TX in parts of 2011 & early 2012. Mason Shirley at Sound Machine Studio produced this record. It was a joy to be making music in the studio with my good friends Dave Moore (bass, piano, vocals) and Lauren Rader (vocals).

I believe this to be my most joyful album. This 10 song album has mostly new songs with a few old songs redone.

Fighting Fear

coverart11 Fighting FearRecorded in Corpus Christi, TX in December of 2010.

I dream and desire to do many great things with my life, but something always hold me back. I believe Fear is the killer of my dreams. Fear is a roadblock that I encounter every time I am inspired to do something beautiful. I fear I do not have what it takes. I fear that I will be rejected. I fear that I will fail.  Why do I let fear hold me back from trying? Every day presents new opportunities to rise up and face my fears with courage. The battle with fear takes place in the heart. The battle is won with persistence and courage. I must not let fear get the best of me. I must continue on Fighting Fear.