Saint Cecilia, My Friend on the Journey

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Today, November 22nd, is the Feast of St. Cecilia, the patroness of music. She is the patroness of music because it is said that she heard heavenly music in her heart during her marriage ceremony. She was martyred around the year 230.

I call her my friend on the Journey because over ten years ago I asked that she be my patroness during my journey with music. I ask for her prayers when I am writing songs, recording albums, and playing live shows. This spiritual friendship started when I was 18 years old and leaving the comfort of my family to pursue music in New Orleans.

Life’s Journey is full of surprises and beautiful mysteries. I feel so blessed to have recorded 8 albums, wrote a countless number of songs, and travelled across the country sharing the gift of music. I am now 28 and I am back in Houston where I work  as a youth minister at a church named after my friend Saint Cecilia. My simple prayer when I started to fall in love with music was, “Saint Cecilia, please pray for me and my music.” Though my music has grown much since I started out, my simple prayer has not.

I truly believe Saint Cecilia prays for me and my safety. I encourage everyone to also find a spiritual friend for their Journey.

Here is a song I wrote a few years ago called Cecilia’s House:

St. Cecilia, Pray for us musicians!

Written by David

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