Winter Has Passed

March 2, 2012 by  
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I have hibernated from music the past few months. No inspiration has come my way and therefore no songs have come forth.

I do not think this is writer’s block. This break from traveling and performing has been good for my soul. It is good to fast, even from things that are good. Taking a break makes me realize why I love music so much.

Winter is a time when the trees and grass appear to have died. Their branches do not produce fruit or leaves of life. We know that their life has not ended but that winter is just a season. Soon the season will pass and the new life will appear.

Now this winter hibernation from music has passed. Next week I will travel to Corpus Christi to finish recording the album Hymns of Hope.

Soon I will start sharing some of my new songs. Until then, here is a beautiful song by Noah and the Whale.

“Blue skies are calling…”

Written by David

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