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At the end of 2010 I set many goals for myself for 2011. These goals included traveling, playing music, making new friends, and going farther than before.

Many goals were not accomplished.

I only sold about 400 copies of my last album. This was just enough money to break even in the cost of making the album. I am not any richer.

I did not win a Grammy or the praise of any record executives or music critics. I am definitely not creating any waves or causing any buzz in the indie/folk/spiritual music genre. I am not any more famous.

I did not go to all of the places on my dream travel list. I wanted to play over 60 gigs this year but fell short of this goal.

What did I do? I went on another summer tour with my best friend. I recorded and released another album, Fighting Fear. I played 55 concerts and made many new friends. Just these three things would have made this year beautiful for me but so much more beauty came into my life.

My name, David Paul Thies, means Beloved LITTLE Gift of God. It was another little year in terms of taking my music career farther but it was not a little year in terms of adventure and beauty.

I am not rich. I am not famous. I am blessed. I am so blessed and so grateful to be a little artist. I get to write, record, and perform music for a few people each year. I have already lived the life of my dreams. That is enough for me.

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  1. Aaron says:

    Thanks for the beautiful reflection. Aaron means Enlightened, but also “Lofty” or “Mountain,” which fits with my height, but also with my high ambitions for the future. Every year the “future” gets a little closer to the “present,” but I find myself no closer to reaching my goals. No more wealthy or famous. But instead of getting down on myself, you remind me to focus on how blessed I am in the things that really matter. Blessed with many good friends like you. With a wife and family that love me. With the ability to be creative and do what I love. And with countless opportunities to grow in holiness. And all these things in greater abundance than the year before. So maybe my middle name fits even better, for Joseph means “God will Increase.” I am grateful for all these blessings, and hopeful for the future. Either way, I definitely identify with the humility and joy in being a “little artist.”

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